Devon Dassaw’s 2021 Big News

It’s a great day to announce “Devon Dassaw’s 2021 Big News”! 


Why? As you well-know, I do all of this entertainment stuff and in the middle of a pandemic, it’s extremely hard to find a lot of work. So, I’ve taken matters in my own hands. After a few purchases on Amazon and a few conversations with some friends, I’m working on flooding you with quality content for 2021! I hope you’re as excited as I am. This time, I’m approaching everything with a “how can I give my audience something of value to them”  attitude. Here’s what you can expect:

YouTube Series

So, I’ve recently purchased a boatload of new filming and photography equipment including a ring light, several desktop camera stands (especially one for my Canon DSLR) and even a phone holder that tracks my movements! This means I get to get out and really start making content that not engages you but also gives you new information and takes you to places I’ve been. 


Not only will the content be extremely high quality, but it will also cover topics that matter to you. Tell me how this sounds: episodes that focus on motivation, finding free money, and how-to/DIY. Sounds exciting right? Well, here’s what you should do so you can catch the very first episode. Head over to and subscribe to my channel. Also, be sure to hit the notification bell and turn it to “All” so you never miss a new video.

Blogging Better

Blogging was really new for me this year and embracing the work that goes into maintaining a quality blog was a learning experience to say the least. Coming in the new year will be more content on the blog and more concise writings. I’ll still put my flair for the dramatic into my writings, but instead of long drawn out posts, how about something more to the point. Gotta leave you wanting more, right? So, that essentially means the written posts are limited to 600 and 700 words, video posts to 15 minutes, and money giveaways to $0.00. 😆


Devon Dassaw's 2021 Big NewsI have to tell you, with friends like mine, you can’t slack on things you’re good at, even if you don’t think you’re good. They’ll keep you accountable. After a brief chat with @ShowTimeOfficial I have been brought to terms that there are actually people waiting for more from my podcast that I started earlier in the year. I did fall off due to switching offices and other life changes. This time, it’ll have a focus and be designed to engage you from start to finish.


This might just be the biggest and best news of all! I’m launching a store. I won’t let you know the name just yet but it was inspired by events following many of the Black Lives Matter protests. Now, don’t abandon ship just yet. It’s probably not what you think…so wait until the big launch and then let me know your thoughts.


In the meantime, I want to wish all of you reading this a very special, safe, exciting and memorable holiday season. Even if you can’t be with the ones you love, love the ones you’re with and remember to love yourself.


Stay positive and test negative!

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