Gratitude In the Entertainment [and Arts] Industry

Gratitude In the Entertainment [and Arts] Industry

Entertainment and the artists is a great space to exist and work in. It’s full of education and spirituality and connections you don’t find anywhere else. It’s also a demanding space and it asks a lot from you. But for what is required, much is given and that deserves a bit of gratitude. I’ve learned over my short career in this world that gratitude goes a long way. To not have it is only a setup for great failure. Here’s why you should have gratitude in the entertainment and arts industry.

  1. It shows a genuine appreciation for what you have (talent, career, connections, etc.)

    Before anything I had to change my mindset and feelings toward money. I had to go from treating money as a tool at my disposal to an asset that I respect it. Making money and saving money takes time so I shouldn’t be wasting it or spending it on people who at the end of the day don’t care about me as much as I care about them. I also have to treat money with a human sort of affection. What does that mean? Well, simply put, Much like with a pet or child, I had to train my money, cultivate my money and grow my money. More on that later.

  2. It opens more doors than you’ll ever know.

    I had to generate more revenue than my expenses total. Because I’m not a business, I’m going to talk about this as an individual. They say the way to millionaire status is to have six streams of revenue or income. I’ve only ever been able to do as much as four. But that’s a start. Recently I had up to three jobs all bringing in significant amount of money. At the end of the day, I was making more than I needed to spend.

  3. Gratitude helps you see and take on more opportunities.

    I had to use accounts and financial tools that would help my money grow. I decided to put my savings into an account that took 3 to 7 days to get the money out and put the money end so that I was outsmarting my spending habits. I did this with a personal savings account from American Express which has one of the highest interest rates of all banks. I also utilized money management tools like and one of my favorites, MoneyLion. With both tools I was able to track and gauge my spending habits and to see where money was leaking out.

  4. It’s a daily reminder that you are where you’re supposed to be.

    When setting up a budget some people follow the 50-20-30 rule. I like the 60-20-20 rule which works like this: 60% of what I make goes into savings, 20% of what I make goes towards bills, and the other 20% is spent on things that I want like eating out or buying a new T-shirt from Old Navy. At times I would even do a 60-40-whatever-is-left over rule so that 60% was going into savings and 20% was going to add bills. If anything was left over then I would treat myself or splurge.

  5. It gives your life and career longevity.

    No one’s going to tell you this but when you’re grateful for what you have and where you are as an artist or entertainer people see it and some of those same people fight for you. They fight to make sure you get the best roles or opportunities, they become your cheer squad and they make sure people know your name. I wish when I first made it to TV I had more gratitude because I would have been the person GIVING to people and not always with my hand out expecting to receive something. I wasn’t a horrible person, but I was definitely arrogant.

The Whole Point:

Gratitude is an easy and great thing. Don’t be like those divas and arrogant people you see in the main stream. Look at their careers now. One guy’s not playing Spiderman. One lady got to such a bad place in her life she considered ending it. I’m sure they eventually had fewer and fewer people pulling for them because of a lack of gratitude. And whatever you do, don’t fake gratitude because people can see through that. Just look at what Ellen is going through right now – accused of faking all that positive energy. People aren’t stupid so be authentically grateful for what you have and where you are as an artist or entertainer.

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