How I’m Making It Through This Week

Ok, needless to say, 2020 is CANCELLED! But that doesn’t mean I’m not making the most of it. This week I’ve been battling a wicked ear infection, getting in trouble at work for speaking up, and caught between moving while my new place isn’t even ready! *facepalm*. But I must say I am far from having a bad week. Here’s what I’m doing to make it through.

Crazy About Fitness


I’ve been doing the Insanity fitness program which is essential 60 days of kicking my butt into shape and sweating from places I’d normally be embarrassed to sweat from, including my knees. Having something beneficial and challenging is just an every-day reminder of keeping the main thing the main thing. Also, I’ve been regularly closing my fitness rings (remember that from last week’s “What I Learned This Week“?) so that’s been a series of triumphs that I can be selfish about.

Money Talks


And mine has been saying all sorts of nasty flirtatious things to me like “spend me daddy” or “you know you want this in your pocket” or “is that deposit or are you just happy to see me”. Ok, maybe it hasn’t been saying that but my money has been looking pretty freakin’ sexy sitting in a bank account collecting interest. ‘Member when I shared How I Saved 5 Digits in 6 Months? Well, this week I made another addition to my stock pile. I’m pushing for a good 6 digits before 2020/2021 is over. I guess it’s something very rewarding about being able to just keep adding to a savings account that is working for you.



Finally, the things that has helped me survive yet another week under social distancing and all that jive is just creating. I have a bad habit of not creating because it just has to be good enough I don’t think it’s ready. I’ve been working on that habit hard lately and finally getting blog posts or YouTube videos with quality content other has been yet another triumph for the week pushing me ever closer to the weekend…

What are you doing to make it through the end of June and start of July 2020? Share in the comments below. As always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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