How SNL Became America’s Voice of Reason

Funny how a show I wasn’t a fan of when I was in high school has turned out to be the very voice of reason during this hell of a presidency, political climate, and COVID condition, and ultimately is a show I just can’t miss. That show is Saturday Night Live and over the last several months of the pandemic I’ve caught a few episodes of SNL and it’s really got you to thinking. Two sketches that really stood out to me are Tom Hanks’ “American Dad” sketch monologue earlier this summer/fall and Bill Burr’s stand up monologue this past week.

In both monologues, the men bring you face-to-face with the ugly side of America and reality that so many people try to avoid. Race, politics, injustices, etc. and our dark history with slavery and equality are the main themes of each piece. While I do dream of one day taking the stage of SNL, I found a comfort in staying up late on Saturdays (or watching the rerun days later). Why? Because SNL really brings to front of your mind the world we live in today and the delivery by their talent backs you into a corner and makes you have a Dorian Gray moment with yourself as a citizen of this fine nation. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the two sketches/monologues below.


Btw, great work SNL. You deserve the hate because it means you’re doing something right. I stand with you!

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